Heated Windshield Wipers for Jeep SUVs and Pickup Trucks

With the purchase of an SUV or Jeep, you've opted for adventure in all conditions and in all temperatures. For safe driving fun on the road with peace of mind, choose ThermalBlade heated windshield wipers, designed for your vehicle.

No matter the weather conditions, even the most adverse, ThermalBlade heated wipers have been designed to give you superior performance. They operate using a heating element placed inside the silicone rubber squeegee, which is plugged into the defrost system of your Jeep SUV and pickup truck. The element heats the pivot points of the structure to prevent ice build-up on your windshield. As soon as the temperature drops to 4 ° C and below, the heated wipers automatically activate to melt the build-up of snow and ice before it forms. The brushes can therefore do their job and effectively clean your windshield, giving you a clear view on the road, regardless of the temperature.

Designed for the most arid climates, ThermalBlade heated wipers always give you more. To make installation easier, we'll send you an intuitive and easy-to-understand instruction manual, including all the tools you need to complete the task. Also, in order to provide you with annual protection, we offer a simple and convenient subscription service that automatically sends you wiper blades every spring and fall. This innovative service also comes with a 5 year warranty.

For your SUV or Jeep pickup truck, don't trust entry-level wiper blades that perform poorly and need to be replaced frequently. Keep having fun outdoors with the help of ThermalBlade wipers!

  • Features

    • Silicone Blades (Easily Replaceable)
    • 1 Time Install - low cost to maintain
    • Thermostatically Controlled
    • Aerodynamic Spoiler Reduces Lift
    • High Quality Silicone Compound
    • Ensures Greater Visibility
    • Heats up at or below 4 degrees C

  • Benefits

    • All Season Performance
    • Cost & Time Savings
    • Auto Activated Heating Element
    • Reduces annoying chattering
    • Activated Silicone-Coating Action
    • Increases Productivity
    • Eliminates Ice & Snow Build up

  • Our Blade

    • Replaceable and removable silicone squeegee.
    • Low profile beam frame with Aerodynamic Spoiler Reduces Lift.
    • Heating element that resides inside the squeegee.
    • Thermostat control that heats when freezing conditions exist.
    • Activated Silicone-Coating Action.
    • Revolutionary Beading Action.
    • Highest Quality Silicone Rubber Compound.
    • All Season Performance.
    • Ultimate Visibility in all weather.

The ThermalBlade Difference

THERMALBLADE products deliver an upgrade in performance to help you see better in all weather.

The squeegee of all THERMALBLADES are made of silicone, which ensures greater visibility by applying a transparent silicone coating on the windshield, in effect causing continuous water beading in warm weather. Silicone also extends the life of the wiper 2-3 times longer than rubber. Silicone also ensures a silent, clean wipe rain or snow providing you with the visibility you need to be safe.

During inclement winter weather the silicone is heated with our heating technology to maintain the same visibility as warm weather.

Water beads up into droplets at low speeds that are easily removed by ordinary wiping. At higher speeds, wind velocity pushes the water off the windshield, often without even turning on the wipers. The silicone coating also reduces drag and eliminates annoying chattering, to provide greater comfort for both driver and passenger.

The best part is that THERMALBLADE Silicone Safety Wiper reapplies the silicone coating every time the wipers are used. THERMALBLADE Silicone Safety wipers maintain a sharp, clean edge and offer better resistance to all climates, and with our patented heating technology when the winter weather begins the element heats to melt any falling snow or ice and eliminates icy build up, clearly outperforming the industry standard rubber blade with their durability.


Jack, Charlottetown, PEI

I have had Thermalblades on my car since February 2014, which by the way was the worst winter in Ontario in decades. Our temperature ranges from -30C (-35F) to a day today at +31C (90F) and my wiper blades work just as good at all temperatures.

This past winter with driving snow and freezing rain, it was almost unnoticeable when I was driving as the heat kicked on the wiper blades immediately, clearing my windshield without me even knowing there was an issue with all the other cars on the road. Today, the blades are 8 months old and performing with a great silicon screen on my glass that repels water in the simplest of ways.

This is not just a wiper blade with heat, it is an all season blade with better clearing abilities than any weather can throw at me.